The Montessori Parent Advisory Committee (MPAC) is made up of parent/guardians, teachers, and administrators who support Montessori education in many ways.

We meet monthly on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  The meetings cover a variety of issues of interest to parents of students in the program such as:

  • Teacher reports on classroom activities
  • Parent education on the Montessori method and the use of materials
  • Organizing social and parent education activities 
  • Fundraising activities for the Birch Lane Montessori classrooms and teachers,
  • Developing plans to promote and advocate for the Montessori program within the Davis Joint Unified School District. 

We provide an open forum for Davis parents dedicated to providing Montessori classrooms embedded within Davis’ traditional public schools.

Participating in MPAC meetings and activities gives parents/guardians a way to participate more in their child’s education, and at the same time to be more connected to the school.  We strive to build a strong partnership between our families and our Montessori program, and to make a positive impact on the students and families served. 

MPAC has successfully raised funds to help offset the costs for teachers to attend out-of-state conferences, and for classroom materials.  We also organize several social “community-building” events every year.

Information on our board positions can be found here

(Above) Teacher Remy Glovin demonstrates long division using the Montessori "rack and tube" materials during an MPAC meeting

(Right) Teacher Eliza Sater

demonstrating multiplication

with regrouping using the Montessori

"checkerboard" materials during

an MPAC meeting


A copy of the Montessori Parent Advisory Committee By-laws can be found here.

MPAC meeting minutes

Minutes from some of our recent meetings can be found here

Birch Lane Montessori Parent Advisory Committee (MPAC)

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