Get involved by volunteering for one of the Birch Lane Elementary School Montessori Parent Advisory Committee Executive Board positions:


  • Convene and preside over regularly scheduled Montessori parent advisory committee meetings. Ensure that an agenda is prepared and presented.
  • Coordinate the work of officers of the association and create committees as needed for the PAC to meet its objectives.
  • Be the official representative and spokesperson of the Montessori parent advisory committee.

Vice President

  • Act as assistant to the president and assume responsibilities of the president in the absence or inability of the president to act.
  • Coordinate fundraising efforts.
  • Conduct all necessary correspondence of the parent advisory committee upon authorization of the president or executive board.
  • Manage the Montessori list serve, website and Facebook page


Keep accurate records of MPAC actions (including sending out meeting announcements, taking minutes at all board meetings, distributing copies of minutes and the agenda to each board member, and ensuring that appropriate records are maintained).


  • Receive and deposit all funds collected on behalf of the parent advisory committee in an account at a recognized financial institution approved by the executive board.
  • Disburse funds authorized by the executive or members.
  • Maintain an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures and make a report at each board meeting.

Community Outreach Coordinator

  • Promote and publicize the Montessori program within the Davis community as directed by MPAC president and executive board.
  • Coordinate outreach activity volunteers.


  • Keep a record of MPAC’s accomplishments and activities by attending and documenting events with photos.
  • collect items, such as pictures and news clippings, about MPAC and its members.
  • Organize a compact, but, complete, scrapbook or digital product to tell a story for the year.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

(these are finite “jobs” that taken individually will require minimal time commitment, but make a huge difference to our program!):

  • Individual “FUN”draiser events (ideas always welcome)
  • In charge of posting & removing reminders at school for MPAC meetings & upcoming events (1/month & as needed for events)
  • PTA rep (1/month)
  • Classroom Reps (1/month/as needed)
  • Attend SPAC meetings & report to MPAC (1/month)
  • Monitor School Board Meetings & report back to MPAC (1/month)
  • Parent Education Events (1-4/year)
  • Back to School Montessori Family Picnic (August/September)
  • T-Shirts (September/October)
  • “Unfundraiser” (November/December)
  • Davis Diamonds (February)
  • Pizza Night (November)
  • Preschool Outreach (February/March)
  • Farmer’s Market Info Booth (February/March)
  • Family Fun Night(s)/Event(s) (January/?)
  • Farmer’s Market Picnic (May)
  • Serve as Web Master for the Birch Lane Montessori web site— (update web site with current info as supplied by the MPAC board-minimal time, but very important! 

K/1 Program 

MPAC Montessori Parent Advisory Committee