Meeting Agenda
February 7, 2024, 6-7 pm 
Birch Lane New MPR and Zoom

Welcome/Introductions, Cara Baker, 5 min.

Discussion and Approval of 1/10/24 Minutes – Leila Hartley, 5 min.

Treasurer Report – Carrie Cohen, 5 min

Old Items, 15 min.

  • Next year’s board – call for volunteers. Open positions are President, Vice President (Fundraising), Secretary, Historian (Website Manager), and Outreach Coordinator. Information about the board positions can be found on our website.
  • Kindergarten Info Night 2/5 at 6pm– how did it go?
  • Program Enrollment/Registration (begins 2/26)
  • Outreach and Peach Jar flier submission
  • K/1 para support update
  • Montessori Master Plan revision – teachers will have a meeting on 1/29
  • Montessori Night during March’s meeting time. 5-6:30pm? Food truck/sales. More details to come.

New Items, 20 min.

  • Teacher Demonstration- Remy Glovin - CheckerboardAnnouncements and Public Comments, 5 min.  

Announcements and Public Comments, 5 min.      

​Our next meeting is Wednesday 2/7 at 6pm in the New MPR and via Zoom

Please join us at our next meeting where we will discuss (among other things) kindergarten registration, enrollment, an upcoming Montessori Night, and the need to fill next year's board! Open positions are president, vice president, secretary, historian, and outreach coordinator. Many hands make light work. If you are interested, or know someone who is, please hit reply to this email and let us know! Joining the board is a wonderful way to support our teachers and our program.

Our meeting agenda can be found here. If you plan to attend, or are simply interested, spend a few minutes reading over the [http://]minutes from our last meeting.

We are also looking for volunteers to sit at our Farmer's Market table on Saturday mornings through 2/17, to drum up interest before kindergarten registration. We hope to get the word out among prospective students. Please consider donating an hour or two of your time. Thank you for your support!

MPAC Montessori Parent Advisory Committee