The Montessori Parent Advisory Committee (MPAC) supports Montessori education.





Established since 2001, and on a 10 acre campus that includes an arboretum and garden beds

our Mission

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Birch Lane Montessori

1600 Birch Lane
Davis, CA 95618
(530) 757-5395 

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We aspire to be stewards of the Earth. As rooted in Montessori’s Cosmic Education, students participate in globally connected, culturally responsive, and local community enriched experiences.



our Vision

Closes FRiday March 15, 2024 @ 5pm

 Montessori Application must accompany registration

A Parent Choice Program within DJUSD

Talented teachers are dual-credentialed with a California Multi-Subject Credential and a Montessori Credential.

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Through the Montessori Method, we foster growth of confident, responsible, and flexible community members who are life-long learners and problem solvers. 

We cultivate an inclusive environment that is grounded in peace, respect, and kindness.