The Birch Lane Montessori program is a parent-choice program of the Davis Joint Unified School District. 



Through the Montessori Method, we foster growth of confident, responsible, and flexible community members who are life-long learners and problem solvers.

We cultivate an inclusive environment that is grounded in peace, respect, and kindness.

We aspire to be active stewards of the Earth. As rooted in Montessori’s Cosmic
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Mission & Vision

The Montessori method is a highly effective way to educate students because it is tailored to the way children naturally learn. Classrooms feature a hand-on learning style which helps make concepts concrete.



The Montessori Program at Birch Lane began in the fall of 2001 at the request of Davis parents who wanted to start a Montessori Charter School. Because Birch Lane had a history of successful multi-age classes, the district decided to place Montessori classes at Birch Lane. Four teachers volunteered for training during the summer of 2001, Montessori materials were ordered to outfit the classrooms, and the program was launched with 80 students in four K/1 and 1/2 classrooms. In the last twenty-three years, the program has grown to nine classrooms with over 230 students in kindergarten through sixth grade, with waitlists for those wishing to enroll in the program.

we welcome parents of students in the montessori program to join us at our meetings each month.