Kindergarten Registration is a district-wide event and occurs during an enrollment window in the winter of each year. For the Montessori program, you must register at the Birch Lane campus at 1600 Birch Lane in Davis or at the district office.

Kindergarten registration is a multi-step process:

1. Online Pre-enrollment

2. Gather required registration documentation described on the DJUSD Kindergarten Registration website

3. Registration


First, parents/guardians of children eligible for Fall of the following year must complete the Pre-Enrollment steps.  Save a copy of the completed pre-enrollment document. More information on Kindergarten registration and pre-enrollment can be found on the Davis Joint Unified School District page.

Required Registration Documentation

To register your child for kindergarten in the Birch Lane Montessori Program, you need to gather the following required documents and proof of residency:


In-person Kindergarten registration date for the Montessori program is announced by the district in January of each year. If you are not able to attend the in-person registration, you also may deliver your materials to the DJUSD main office before the enrollment period closes. All applications received at the school and the DJUSD main office within the enrollment window will be considered simultaneously (earlier submission or submission at the school site are NOT prioritized).  Applications will continue to be accepted throughout the enrollment window. Those who submit applications AFTER the enrollment window and will be enrolled or added to the wait-list on a first-come first-served basis.

In some years, more children register than there are spaces available in the program. If the program is over-enrolled a lottery will be held on the day after the enrollment window closes. 

Only register at one school - there is no need to register at your neighborhood school as a backup. If a student is wait-listed for the Montessori Program the enrollment packet will automatically be sent to the student's neighborhood school.


The Birch Lane Montessori program is achoice programwithin the Davis, CA public schools, known as the Davis Joint Unified School District (DJUSD).  As such, all enrollment is handled by the DJUSD, with one additional choice program form that must be completed and submitted with the other required registration information. The form is also available in Spanish here[131010].pdf.

More information can be found on the DJUSD TK/Kindergarten Information Night and Registration Information page.

Kindergarten Registration

Students older than kindergarten are welcome, and may enter the Montessori program with permission from the Birch Lane School administration. For more information or to schedule a school tour, please contact Principal Amanda Walsh at awalsh at djusd dot net or by phone 530-757-5395.

Students who are currently enrolled in the Birch Lane Montessori Program may indicate their intent to continue with the program on the DJUSD "Intent to ReEnroll" form distributed in March annually.

If you would like a Montessori parent's perspective, please feel free to e-mail our Board Members at board at birchlanemontessori dot org.

Each year, the  Davis Joint Unified School District schedules Information nights for each school and program in Davis. The information session typically includes a brief explanation of the Montessori method and the Birch Lane program, a tour of a Kindergarten/1st grade mixed grade classroom, and some parent testimonials. This will be followed by a question and answer session with Birch Lane Montessori teachers and the school principal.

​The 2022 information session for the Birch Lane Montessori program was held on February 1. A recording can be found here:
(Passcode: 5lwF.X)

Enrollment of Children in Grades 1-6

General Information

Montessori Information Night